demonstration in Lingen, 9.9. 2017
starting at 13:00 o’clock at the train station

Stop german support for Tihange + Doel!

No exports from german uranium facilities!

In Germany are two uranium facilities, missing in the german nuclear phase out: The uranium enrichment facility in Gronau (Westphalia) and the nuclear fuel elements facility in Lingen/ Ems. These uranium facilities can work unlimited and produce primarily for nuclear power plants all over the world.

The mad reactors in Tihange, Doel, Fessenheim and otherwhere are running with enriched uranium from Gronau and nuclear fuel elements from Lingen!
German Minister of Environment Barbara Hendricks is head of department of export control (BAFA). This department allows the export of German nuclear fuel elements from Areva’s facility in Lingen/Emsland to Tihange 2, Doel 3, Fessenheim (France) and export of enriched uranium. The first export from Lingen to Tihange 2 started in March 2017, Doel 3 is delivered since 2016.
By now there are two juridical statements that there is the possibility for Hendricks and the BAFA to stop export of nuclear fuel elements from Lingen or enriched uranium from Gronau to Tihange 2 and other scrap reactors, because Hendricks herself explained that Tihange 2 is a threat to German cities and citizens. German law says it is prohibited to export nuclear material if it can cause danger to Germany and its citizens. Belgian anti-nuclear activists lawyers are up to check possibilities to stop Hendricks‘ licence for the export of nuclear fuel elements.
At the chain-reaction from Tihange to Aachen, we demonstrated for the stop of german nuclear fuel exports from Lingen and Gronau. We demonstrated for the shut-down of all other nuclear power plants.
Our protest will go on with a demonstration in Lingen at 9th of September. Take part!

It is time for renewable energy!
Tijd voor een nieuwe stroom!
Temps pour un nouveau courant!
Stop german support for Tihange + Doel!
No exports from german uranium facilities!